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Publishers paying George Takei to promote stories isn’t just weird — it’s an FTC violation

George Takei isn't posting links to fun facts about Sailor Moon and Mean Girls to his Facebook page just because he loves them
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Jon Von Tetzchner: let's retake the web with regulation

Opera and Vivaldi founder says the government needs to protect individuals from the worst excesses of tech firms. Jon Von Tetzchner has been trying to fix the web for decades. Amid Senate hearings into Russian influence extended via Facebook, creeping surveillance for advertising on Google, and the many other challenges facing life online, he believes he has the answer – and it isn't his new browser, Vivaldi.
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What iPhone X Face ID Means for You

Ordered a new iPhone? This year's newest iPhone, the X, has ditched fingerprints in favor of facial recognition for unlocking the device called Face ID. Even before Face ID has arrived, it's caused trouble: reports suggested the facial-recognition system components have actually caused production delays, with Apple denying it's "relaxed" the specifications to speed up manufacturing to meet demand.
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It's time you turned off all those breaking news push notifications

Home on a Saturday night, reading in bed before going to sleep, and my phone buzzed with a news notification: a van had mounted the kerb near London Bridge, killing people. The London Bridge terror attack was genuinely important breaking news, but if it weren't for push notifications — and a phone not yet set to silent — the horrific details of the incident would have had to wait until morning.
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Forget Kaspersky Labs, it's the NSA that sucks at security

An NSA employee took confidential files home, and everyone's mad at Kaspersky Labs. According to anonymous sources speaking to the Wall Street Journal, yet another NSA contractor took home files that they shouldn't have. In this case, it was to work late rather than blow the whistle, but the staffer's own computer ran Kaspersky Labs' antivirus, which scanned the files.
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Siri and Alexa can be turned against you by ultrasound whispers

Did you hear that? You might not have, but Alexa did. Voice assistants have been successfully hijacked using sounds above the range of human hearing. Once in, hackers were able to make phone calls, post on social media and disconnect wireless services, among other things.
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Whither Uber

The ride sharing service has faced no shortage of controversies over the past several months.
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How a DIY YouTuber became the target of a sexist conspiracy theory

Naomi Wu is a prolific “maker” — the word for tech-savvy hobbyists who build creative projects using hardware and software — who has had multiple DIY projects go viral and get picked up by the press. But instead of being celebrated in the community, which revolves around online spaces as well as hackerspaces and events like Maker Faire, she’s being told she doesn’t exist.
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The gig economy can learn from the NHS, not the other way round

The Uberification of the NHS is already happening — though whether gig economy jobs and platforms are the right route depends on how well startups and tech companies are willing to work within the NHS' huge and confusing systems and obey its tight regulations. Disruption doesn't work in healthcare.
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A startup for NHS beds shows the dangers of following Silicon Valley

CareRoom, an Airbnb-style platform for post-surgery care, is not currently being trialled by the NHS — despite the many headlines screaming otherwise. The confusion is not only understandable, but evidence of potential for tension between the NHS and startups looking to trial their creations with its patients.
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KRACK Wi-Fi Flaw: What You Should Know

KRACK: that's the sound of Wi-Fi security breaking — here's what the latest big bug to be uncovered means for you. Earlier today, researcher Mathy Vanhoef from Belgian university KU Leuven revealed a serious flaw in the encryption that secures the connection between wireless access points and the devices connect to them, leaving Wi-Fi connections at risk of being snooped on and worse.
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Does antivirus software do more harm than good?

Developers argue that buggy, big-name antivirus software is more dangerous than the attacks it’s meant to guard against. Antivirus slows down your computer, interferes with apps and nags you with renewal pop-ups. But what if they were the least of its crimes? What if it was actually making your PC less secure?
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Nicole Kobie

You may have seen my work at PC Pro, where I edit the Futures section, or in WebUser, where I write the news pages. I also regularly contribute to Teen Vogue, The Outline, CityMetric, Wired, New Scientist, Alphr, Vice's Motherboard, IT Pro and Cloud Pro, Computer Shopper, and the Telegraph, and have written for Mental Floss, Ars Technica, Trusted Reviews, MacUser, Computer Active, The Calgary Herald, the Guardian, and more.

I’m a creative, hard-working digital and print journalist, currently specialising in technology and science stories, but happy to write about anything -- even Theresa May coughing.

I focus on high-quality news and features stories, explaining complicated topics with clean, precise writing. I work quickly, write accurately and, perhaps most importantly, hit my deadlines.

Aside from writing and editing, I've had training in investigative journalism, data journalism and photojournalism, and used to be a regular on PC Pro's podcast.

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