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Contributing editor to Wired UK and Futures editor at PC Pro.
Bylines in New Scientist, Motherboard, the Guardian, Teen Vogue, WebUser, Computer Shopper, Computer Active, Grazia, Big Issue, the Outline, IT Pro, Alphr and more.


Night trains are brilliant. So why doesn’t the UK have any to Europe?

Ask Michael Guerra about night trains running through the Channel Tunnel and he can’t help but throw his hands up in frustration — it happens dozens of times on our Zoom call. And no wonder: the engineer and founder of London Sleepers has been trying to get an overnight service running between London’s St Pancras and the continent for 18 years. ”It’s really hard to do,” he says, adding that the financials of the business are ”really stupid”.
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The pessimist’s guide to the future, from virtual reality to driverless cars

Hype fuels the technology industry. A few years from now, we’ll be shuttled about in driverless cars, lose our jobs to AI and robots, and forget our troubles in virtual worlds. Hyperloop will zip us across countries, chatbots will organise our lives, and drones will deliver our shopping paid for with digital currencies.

Lilium's flying taxi is finally here. But the war for the skies is fierce

A sleek aircraft rises from the ground — wobbling at first but then confidently hovering in the air above the launch pad — before gently returning to the tarmac. A room packed with engineers erupts in cheers — this is the first flight for the Lilium Jet, a five-seater flying taxi unveiled today. The Lilium Jet, which was tested outside Munich earlier this month, is an eVTOL — an electric vertical take off and landing vehicle.
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Why Google Maps and Citymapper are terrible for walking directions

Or just… keep walking, for those who can. It’s only 20 minutes via some of London’s prettiest streets. That could be set to change. Researchers are investigating how to model air quality to help pedestrians and runners avoid pollution, while others find ways to assess the beauty of a street or how happy it makes us.
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Citymapper just announced a subscription service for London's muddled transport network

Citymapper is launching a subscription service for London transport. Citymapper Pass, a new contactless payment card will combine buses, trains, trams, Santander bikes and Citymapper’s Ride service as part of a weekly subscription. Citymapper already plots a range of routes in its journey planning app, and soon it’ll let you pay for it all under one subscription.
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The sky-high future of the Airlander's remarkable flying bum

The world's largest aircraft has been grounded, but not for long. The blimp-like Airlander 10 will next take to the skies not as a prototype but as a production model – and don't worry, it'll still look like a giant, flying bum. Built by Hybrid Air Vehicles, the 92-metre-long Airlander 10 pulls ideas from helicopters, planes and blimps for a unique aircraft that's low carbon and can fly for five days at a time, making it useful for aid deliveries to remote areas or unique airborne cruise ships for wealthy tourists.
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No, driverless cars will not be racing around UK roads this year

Driverless cars are overhyped, and their progress reported in a nonsensical way. Want proof? Yesterday, The Times ran a story on its front page under the headline, "Driverless cars on UK roads by end of the year", claiming that the government was progressing to allow fully automated cars to be tested without safety drivers onboard this year.
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How the world tracked Kim Jong-un's historic flight in real time

FlightRadar24 tracks flights around the world using a network of 18,000 receivers perched on rooftops, radio towers, and masts to pick up pings from aircraft transponders and map them in real time. When a plane crashes, a footballer is transferred, or the pope jets away from the Vatican, thousands and even millions follow along on the website or app in real-time.
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The wild logistics of Heathrow Airport will instantly devour its much-needed third runway

There is no other airport that does so much with so little as Heathrow. The constraints on its capacity have made it the busiest two-runway airport in the world, leading to catastrophic delays if anything goes wrong. But the limits have also sparked innovation in airport management, from robotic baggage handlers and F1-designed simulation software to rejigging wake vortex classifications so arriving planes can land closer together.
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The psychological tricks TfL uses to make London's tube feel faster

Commuters are difficult animals to herd – a fact learned the hard way by Transport for London (TfL), which runs the Underground network as well as buses, trams and boats in the British capital. In 2016, in an effort to battle station congestion, staff at Holborn station in central London ran an experiment.
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Even Ryanair says its hand luggage rules make boarding too chaotic

Getting onto a Ryanair flight is way more chaotic than it should be. And changes made last year to try and ease the confusion might have made things worse, the budget airline has now admitted. So what happens next? First, a quick baggage policy history lesson. Ryanair last year tweaked its bag policy, checking the larger of passengers' two allowed carry-on bags for free at the gate.
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Trams are great for city transport – why doesn't the UK have more?

The UK used to be covered in trams, with networks in virtually every city and town, but now just eight (or six, depending on what you include) British metro areas use a light-rail system. Could they be set for a comeback? The popularity of Edinburgh's trams suggest a renaissance in the making. The network opened in 2014, delayed by three years and millions over budget, but it's partly made up for that by posting a profit two years ahead of schedule and winning the hearts of passengers.
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Nicole Kobie

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