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Nicole Kobie

Freelance journalist covering tech, transport and science
Contributing editor to Wired UK and Futures editor at PC Pro.
Bylines in New Scientist, Motherboard, the Guardian, Teen Vogue, WebUser, Computer Shopper, Computer Active, Grazia, Big Issue, the Outline, IT Pro, Alphr and more.


How accurate are the hacks in Mr. Robot?

WIRED meets the show's team of security consultants and experts
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Why Mr Robot gets tech right

Hacking on TV is normally hilariously stupid. Hollywood struggles to make sitting at a keyboard visually interesting, and hasn’t a clue what DDoS, RATs, phishing or any other terminology actually means. Look at CSI: Cyber, Swordfish, The Net, and pretty much everything else ever filmed that features a keyboard.

A geek's eye view of The X-Files movie premiere

The X-Files is my favourite TV show of all time; I watched it religiously back in the day. For me, going to the London premiere is what meeting the Pope must be like to Catholics. Mulder and Scully, in person, on the red carpet, in famous Leicester Square? Yeah, that’s a spiritual experience for me.
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Nicole Kobie

You may have seen my work at PC Pro, where I edit the Futures section, on Wired UK, where I'm a contributing editor, or in WebUser, where I write the news pages. I also regularly contribute to Teen Vogue, The Outline, CityMetric, New Scientist, Alphr, Vice's Motherboard, IT Pro and Cloud Pro, Computer Shopper, and the Telegraph, and have written for Mental Floss, Ars Technica, Trusted Reviews, MacUser, Computer Active, The Calgary Herald, the Guardian, and more.

I’m a creative, hard-working digital and print journalist, currently specialising in technology, science and transport stories, but happy to write about anything -- even Theresa May coughing.

I focus on high-quality news and features stories, explaining complicated topics with clean, precise writing. I work quickly, write accurately and, perhaps most importantly, hit my deadlines.

Aside from writing and editing, I've had training in investigative journalism, data journalism and photojournalism, and used to be a regular on PC Pro's podcast.



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